Centralize your entire deal flow and
start getting the most out of it.

Go with the flow

Streamline your deal flow process from start to finish with a comprehensive tool built just for you. Track, evaluate, and manage investment opportunities seamlessly across your entire team.

Customize your pipeline

Define your process and easily view where each deal stands. Manage your pipeline and effortlessly move towards a new investment.

Centralize your sources

Whether a pitch is submitted through your website or by personal email, a card is created for the new potential deal easily.

Organize your thoughts

Keep the conversation going directly on each company card. Share notes, thoughts, and important information with your team.

A new way to view potential

Create, see, and manage every company as unique cards and drag and drop them through your customized pipeline. Update your team on your active companies and watchlist or get easy access to passed-on deals.

  • Customized

    Customize your pipeline to fit your deal flow process.

  • Automated

    Website submissions and forwarded emails automatically create company cards on your pipeline while attached documents are stored on their new company profile.

  • Simplified

    Generate presentations regarding your newest deals and the latest progress down the pipeline in just a few clicks.

  • Elaborated

    Include basic information, metrics, and team members on each Startup Profile, keep the conversation going in the comment section.

  • Analyzed

    View and use analytics from your Deal Flow to make strategic decisions. Track where your deals are coming from, what industry you’re hearing from, and much more.

  • Synchronized

    Automatically transfer data to your Kushim Portfolio Management software, keep track of your new portfolio company as it grows.

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Maximize your workflow

Get an in-depth look at the newest companies on your deal flow as a team with our Committee features.

Automatically generate presentation slides with company and round info, detailed metrics, contacts, and any comments left by your team.

Move companies down the pipeline and assign tasks on company cards to create a downloadable to-do list for your team.

Look back at previous Committee slides or summaries at any time, stored directly on Kushim.

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Feed your dealflow, from anywhere

Find the entire Kushim Deal Flow experience on your mobile device while on-the-go.


Stay connected while on the move: add a new company, schedule a reminder, or view an existing company on your pipeline from your mobile device.

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per user per month

billed annualy
  • Customized pipeline
  • In-depth company profiles
  • Comprehensive deal activity timeline
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A harmonious experience linked to our management solution

Automatically transfer data to your Kushim Management account after investing, keep track of your new portfolio company as it grows.

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